From Hill To Hill

From Hill To Hill

Once upon time there were two small towns situated on two small hills one opposite to another, developing differently… Sounds like a beginning of history lesson and like a perfect sentence to start talking about history of Zagreb, its historical nucleus.


During our walk from one hill to another we will be, in a fact, walking through history of Zagreb. Many interesting stories will be revealed to you about craftsmen, gilds, witches, kings, bishops, love… in general about the way we lived in Zagreb and, of course, the way we live today…

DURATION: 2-2,5h


  • licensed local guide
  • *visit inside of the Cathedral, Dolac food market


* visit depends on the time of the tour and opening hours of Cathedral, market (market opened from 7AM till 2 -2,30PM, and Cathedral from 10AM till 5PM, Sunday from 1PM till 5PM)

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