To the top

To the top

Everyone who is born in Zagreb knows a song that says “Na Sljeme, na Sljeme, na Sljeme…!!!” (To Sljeme, to Sljeme, to Sljeme…!!!) This famous song is literally inviting us to go to the top of Zagreb mountain. And it is like and anthems for most of Zagreb people who spend their weekends hiking on Medvednica (meaning mountain of bears) or Zagreb mountain going for the highest top situated on 1033 meters. This nature park is mostly covered with oak, beech or pine trees and there are 91 strictly protected and 154 protected plant species that can be find. Even though there are no more brown bears to be found in the park, one can easily stumble upon dears, foxes, wild boars, rabbits… Or pick up some small shell because Medvednica was once an island in the big Pannonian sea.


If you are more for getting away from the center of the city and enjoying nature then this is the tour for you.

DURATION: approximately 6h

PRICE (per person): from 70 EUR


  • licensed local guide
  • traditional type of lunch in one of mountain huts (self-service system)

NOTIFICATION: good shoes for hiking.

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