Up and down tour

Up and down tour

This tour will take you from Upper to Down town area, or vice-versa, as it pleases you. It is actually from hill to hill tour but with more to see and more to experience. This is a longer walking tour, but don’t worry we will have a pause in one of many coffee shops and have a nice cup of coffee, as most people of Zagreb do. And we like keeping our traditions.

Apart from the charming old part of the city we will walk through the most beautiful lower part of the downtown popularly called the “Green horseshoe of Zagreb” (six squares and a botanical garden). A lovely central area of Zagreb will keep unfolding before your eyes. During this tour you will be able to get a wider image of history, culture, art and architecture of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.

DURATION: 4h-4h30

PRICE (per person): from 50 EUR


  • licensed local guide
  • *Come with me and let’s get lost in the beautiful central area of Zagreb!
  • ticket for the cable car
  • coffee/tea break


* Cathedral opening hours: every day from 10AM till 5PM, Sunday from 1PM till 5PM
Dolac market opening hours: every day from 7AM till 2PM
Botanical garden opening hours (April – September: Mon-Tue from 9AM till 2h30 PM and Wen-Sun from 9 AM till 7PM), (October Mon-Tue from 9AM till 2:30PM and Wen- Sun from 9 AM till 6PM)

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